Here are Philkotse's top-picked tips to make your listing stand out with potential car buyers

  • Photo
  • General Information, Safety Features & Specifications
  • Price
  • Listing title
  • Listing content
  • Listing package & Contact information

01 Photo

Click button '+' to upload your photos. Post photos according to the instructions below

Tips: Make sure to take a variety of photos at different angles

  • Front: Full front and quarter-front view
  • Interior: Front interior (driver's seat, steering wheel, dashboard, odometer reading, etc.) and rear interior (rear seats, trunk, rear doors, etc.)
  • Rear: Full rear and quarter-rear view
  • Include photos of any special features that can improve the value of your car

02 General Information,
Safety Features & Specifications

You may fill out all the information requested here or just the required (*) ones. Same with Safety Features & Specifications.

Tips: Complete details are the better.

03 Price value

Tips: Don't overprice your car. Check out some tips to calculate your car's resale value on Philkotse

  • Full price tab - Please indicate the full price of the listing. As you can see on the lower part, you can allow buyers to send price offers and request for a test drive if you have a full price listed
  • You can also tick on the checkbox labeled "Monthly/Downpayment" and fill out all the required fields to attract more buyers

04 Listing Title

Tips: This makes your ad easier to be generated by the website when searched. Brand, Model, Year of Manufacture, and Color are the most basic technical details to include

  • Add your car's unique selling points such as low down payment and well-maintained condition.

    - Example: Black Toyota Fortuner 2017 in good condition for sale - Zero down payment

  • Add a call-to-action phrase to catch buyers' attention

    - Call today! White Toyota Vios 2018 Automatic for sale in Taguig

    - Selling Red 2015 Honda Civic 1.8 in Makati - Get your last chance!

05 Listing Content

Tips: List your asking price & explain your reason for selling

  • Let buyers know how fixed you are on the price listed by using words such as "firm", "non-negotiable", or "best offer" and "price negotiable"
  • Mention your reason for selling and payment method
  • Second-hand cars: Provide a specific mileage, mention maintenance and service records, show off vehicle upgrades or modifications if any
  • Brand-new cars: Highlight new features and available discounts/promos

06 Listing package &
Contact information

  • There are 2 options: VIP Listing & Standard Listing. For Standard Listing, just tick the option next to it
  • For VIP Listing, choose the option and top-up your account. After that, return to this page to move on to the next part
  • Contact information will be filled out automatically if you signed up for an account. We recommend that you sign up so you can make changes to your listing