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Updated Jun 09, 2023

Editor's: 3.8/5
Back with a new arsenal to face its rivals.
2023 Suzuki Ertiga Hybrid GLX Review | Philkotse Philippines

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2023 Suzuki Ertiga Hybrid GLX Review: Introduction

The Ertiga has constantly been among the top-selling Suzuki vehicles in the Philippines. It was the hottest-selling Suzuki vehicle in the country in 2020, taking 24 percent of the car brand’s total sales. This seven-seater MPV carried its momentum in 2021 as it remains to be the top three best-selling Suzuki in the local market. 

The Ertiga is clearly among Suzuki’s volume sellers in the Philippines, which is why it’s a no-brainer for the Japanese car brand to launch the updated version of its seven-seater MPV.

Suzuki Ertiga Hybrid Review - All Hype or Legit? | Philkotse Reviews

The new Suzuki Ertiga debuted last January 2023, featuring subtle design updates. But what makes it a headliner is the availability of a mild hybrid powertrain. Making it the only compact seven-seater MPV in the Philippines to come with the said powertrain setup as of this writing. Suzuki also claims that the Ertiga Hybrid is exempted from the number coding scheme.

That said, does the Suzuki Ertiga have what it takes to keep its sales momentum in the Philippines? Here’s Philkotse’s 2023 Suzuki Ertiga Hybrid GLX full review. 


Suzuki Ertiga Hybrid 2024 Review

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2023 Suzuki Ertiga Hybrid GLX Exterior Review: Small details add up

The new Ertiga’s exterior design is almost similar to the outgoing model. It has the same profile with the addition of subtle aesthetic updates that aim to keep it at par with its segment rivals. In fact, the design change is so subtle that you might need to look at the vehicle closely to spot what’s new. 

2023 Suzuki Ertiga Hybrid front shotThe 2023 Suzuki Ertiga Hybrid comes with a revised grille

The most obvious update is seen in the revised grille, which now has a better presence when seen on the road. It also gives the Ertiga Hybrid more character as compared to the grille design of the old model. The design detail that’s not so obvious is the addition of automatic headlights, which is exclusive to the top-spec 2023 Suzuki Ertiga Hybrid GLX. 

I do wish that Suzuki PH opt to equip the GLX’s headlights with LED instead of halogens. This is to make it more level with its segment rivals such as the Hyundai Stargazer, Mitsubishi Xpander, and Honda BR-V.   

2023 Suzuki Ertiga Hybrid side profile shotThe wheels now look more stylish

Turning to the side, the 2023 Suzuki Ertiga Hybrid still comes with its familiar profile. I still find it leaning towards a conservative appeal but now has more flair thanks to the new 15-inch two-tone alloy wheels. It has more swag as compared to the monotonous simplicity found in the older model. And yes, it still has the same blacked-out C-Pillar, giving the Ertiga Hybrid a floating roofline effect. 

2023 Suzuki Ertiga Hybrid rear shotThe tailgate comes with a restyled look as well

The rear dons the familiar Ertiga look, which is alright since it can still go head-to-head with its current rivals in the MPV segment. The LED taillights have the same shape but the Ertiga Hybrid is integrated with ‘light guides’. The said design detail further highlights the Ertiga’s taillights. Suzuki’s MPV also comes with a new character line on the tailgate, giving it more texture. 


Suzuki Ertiga Hybrid

Suzuki Ertiga Hybrid

Model Price Philippines

₱ 954,000 - ₱ 1,178,000

Foton Gratour

Foton Gratour

Model Price Philippines

₱ 520,000 - ₱ 708,000

Maxus G50

Maxus G50

Model Price Philippines

₱ 948,000 - ₱ 1,338,000

2023 Suzuki Ertiga Hybrid GLX Interior Review: Keeping it simple

Suzuki kept the simple design approach when it comes to the Ertiga Hybrid’s cabin. It still features a straightforward layout but it now looks more stylish than the model it replaces. 

2023 Suzuki Ertiga Hybrid dashboardThe wood trims on the dashboard add a premium-appeal to the Ertiga Hybrid

The wood trims have returned in the Ertiga, which is a welcome sight as it gives more style points and texture to the rather simplistic dashboard. The wood trims also give the Ertiga Hybrid a premium-like appeal while keeping the cabin design in check by not going overboard.

The use of hard plastic materials is still abundant in the Ertiga Hybrid’s cabin, which is expected considering its price point. What’s good is that it has texture, and it complements well to the wood trims you see inside the cabin. The addition of a new 10-inch infotainment touchscreen with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto further makes the Ertiga Hybrid’s cabin more elegant than before. 

2023 Suzuki Ertiga Hybrid dashboard profileStraightforward dashboard layout

Another design detail that I appreciate inside the Ertiga Hybrid is the revamped climate controls. It now looks more modern as compared to the one fitted on the old model. All the controls are stacked neatly in the middle, and the arrangement is not confusing.

What caught my attention is the size of the ventilated cup holders, placed in front of the gear lever. I find it too cramped, which could be a problem when you grab a medium- or large-size iced coffee to go.

2023 Suzuki Ertiga Hybrid steering wheelIt comes with cruise control

The steering wheel is now mounted with essential vehicle controls, which is a feature that’s absent on the previous Ertiga sold in the Philippines. The integrated controls add to the Ertiga Hybrid’s refreshed interior design, which makes it look better and more complete. Although, it only comes with a tilt adjustment. It also has fabric seats with manual adjustment, a conventional parking brake, and a push-start button. 

2023 Suzuki Ertiga Hybrid second row seats2023 Suzuki Ertiga Hybrid second-row seats

The second row has the same amenities as the old Ertiga model. It can accommodate up to three average-sized Filipino adults with enough leg- and head-room. The doors come with bottle holders, and an accessory socket is also present. The second-row seats also have a 60:40 split-fold configuration for added versatility should you need additional cargo space.

2023 Suzuki Ertiga Hybrid third row seatsThird row

Two individuals can sit on the third row but the leg- and head-room could be quite a squeeze for tall passengers. Short driving distances could not be a problem but the third row might be tight when going on long road trips.

2023 Suzuki Ertiga Hybrid cargo spaceThe Ertiga Hybrid's cargo space with the third row seats up

Cargo space is not a problem with the Ertiga Hybrid. With the third-row seats up, you can put up to two medium-sized luggage. It can also be folded down in a 50:50 fashion, giving you versatility once again. The Ertiga Hybrid also has a luggage tray, hidden beneath the cargo floor.

2023 Suzuki Ertiga Hybrid GLX: Tech & Safety Review

2023 Suzuki Ertiga Hybrid infotainment touchscreen with Apple CarPlay10-inch infotainment touchscreen with Apple CarPlay

The 2023 Suzuki Ertiga Hybrid GLX now comes with a more seamless-looking 10-inch infotainment touchsreen. The design is better than ever compared to the old Ertiga. It appears floating into the dashboard which gives the Ertiga Hybrid a premium-like appeal. The touchscreen also comes with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

2023 Suzuki Ertiga Hybrid rear cameraRear camera

The large touchscreen transforms into a rear camera when you put the gear in reverse. This gives you a clear view of what’s behind the vehicle. It also has guidelines to further assist you when you’re backing up into a parking space. The rear sensors also add another layer of safety when you’re reversing. 

Suzuki’s seven-seater MPV also has cruise control, which is a plus considering its price point. I only had a slight issue when I tried using the Ertiga Hybrid’s cruise control feature. It has a bit of a delay in responding when you’re setting your desired speed.     

Other safety features equipped in the 2023 Suzuki Ertiga Hybrid are the following: dual front airbags, an electronic stability program, hill hold control, and an anti-lock braking system with electronic brakeforce distribution. Yes, it does lack advanced driver assistance safety tech that is present in its segment rivals such as the Hyundai Stargazer and Honda BR-V.     

2023 Suzuki Ertiga Hybrid GLX Review: Engine & Performance

A 1.5-liter gasoline engine lies under the hood of the 2023 Suzuki Ertiga Hybrid. It is paired with an Integrated Starter Generator (ISG) with a 12-volt lithium battery, making Suzuki’s MPV a mild hybrid vehicle. 

The Ertiga Hybrid GLX can generate 103 hp and 138 Nm of torque, and the engine is connected to a four-speed automatic transmission.

2023 Suzuki Ertiga Hybrid enginePowered by a 1.5-liter engine

Before we dive into the driving impressions, let’s first look into the Suzuki Ertiga Hybrid’s ISG tech. The ISG assists the engine when the vehicle is starting from a standstill. It also helps the vehicle when it is accelerating. This, in theory, helps the Ertiga Hybrid to yield better fuel efficiency. The ISG also charges the vehicle’s 12-volt battery. This is made possible when the Ertiga is decelerating or when you take your foot off the accelerator pedal. 

2023 Suzuki Ertiga Hybrid hybrid system

The 12-volt battery helps in activating the Ertiga Hybrid’s Engine Auto Stop Start tech. When you’re idling at a stop light, the engine turns off and the electrical components are powered by the battery. Although in some instances during my test drive, the Auto Stop Start doesn’t function. Suzuki PH explains that the Ertiga Hybrid’s 12-volt battery should have sufficient charge for the Auto Stop Start tech to work.   

The hybrid powertrain setup in the Ertiga doesn’t give you an additional power boost. It only lightens the engine’s load when you’re accelerating from a standstill. It then deactivates once you start to gain speed. Suzuki said that this approach helps the vehicle in conserving fuel.

2023 Suzuki Ertiga Hybrid front shotThe Suzuki Ertiga Hybrid comes with a composed front end

That said, the overall driving feel is almost the same as the old non-hybrid Suzuki Ertiga. It still delivers adequate power when driven around the urban jungle. The four-speed automatic transmission shifts smoothly giving you a pleasant drive. In case you’re wondering, the engine shifts at around 2,000rpm when the Ertiga Hybrid is driven at a leisurely pace. 

The Ertiga Hybrid is also stable when cruising on the highway. A bit of wind noise creeps inside the cabin but it’s not that bothersome. While it still delivers a leisurely drive, I wish that the Ertiga Hybrid already comes with a manual mode so you can have more control over the gears. Having a manual mode can give you more confidence when you want to overtake slower vehicles on the expressway, among others.

2023 Suzuki Ertiga Hybrid GLX: Fuel efficiency

Suzuki Philippines said that the Ertiga Hybrid is 7.6 percent more fuel-efficient than the old model. This got me curious as to how it stacks up compared to the non-hybrid Ertiga that I tested before. 

The Ertiga Hybrid registered 14.5 km/l when driven around the city at an average speed of 25 km/h. But when traffic builds up, the Ertiga Hybrid returned 9.7 km/l at an average speed of 15 km/h. 

I was expecting that it can yield better fuel economy in stop-and-go traffic since the said figure is not far off from the old non-hybrid Ertiga model. To put things in perspective, I got 9.5 km/l on the old Suzuki Ertiga when driving at an average speed of 14 km/h.

On the open highway, the Ertiga Hybrid proved to be relatively more fuel efficient than the old model as it posted 19.7 km/l while cruising at 90 km/h. In comparison, the non-Ertiga showed 18.3 km/l when driven at 90 km/h.

2023 Suzuki Ertiga Hybrid GLX: Verdict

Priced at Php 1,153,000, Suzuki’s revamped challenger in the compact seven-seater MPV segment is promising. It also relatively has the tools to sustain its sales momentum in the Philippines. But, it might not be a walk in the park this time around. 

2023 Suzuki Ertiga Hybrid front profile shot2023 Suzuki Ertiga Hybrid

Being marketed with the hybrid badge could be a double edge sword. Some people might set their expectations too high while some might be satisfied with the new tech the Ertiga has. It is also facing tough competition as the compact seven-seater MPV segment is filled with new challengers that are equipped with more tech and safety features.

2023 Suzuki Ertiga Hybrid: Variants & Price

Suzuki Ertiga Hybrid Variants & Price in the Philippines

Suzuki Ertiga Hybrid GA MT

Php 954,000

Suzuki Ertiga Hybrid GL MT

Php 1,068,000

Suzuki Ertiga Hybrid GL AT

Php 1,103,000

Suzuki Ertiga Hybrid GLX AT

Php 1,153,000

2023 Suzuki Ertiga Hybrid: Color Options

Suzuki Ertiga Hybrid Color Options

Silky Silver Metallic, Snow White Pearl, Magma Gray Metallic, Burgundy Red Metallic, Brave Khaki Pearl

2023 Suzuki Ertiga Hybrid GLX: Specs





Ertiga Hybrid GLX

Body Type

Compact MPV

Dimensions & Weight


4,395 mm


1,735 mm


1,690 mm


2,740 mm

Ground Clearance

180 mm

Seating Capacity


Engine & Transmission



Fuel Type



1,462 cc


4-speed Automatic


103 hp @ 6,000 rpm


138 Nm @ 4,400 rpm


Chrome Grille

Halogen Headlights

Fog lamps

Power Folding Side Mirrors

Power adjust Side Mirrors

LED Taillights

Chrome Door Handles

Manual Tailgate

Blacked Out Pillars

Chrome Tailgate Garnish

15-inch alloy wheels


Fabric Seats

Manual Seat Adjustment

10-inch infotainment system with Apple CarPlay

Tilt Adjust for Steering Wheel

D-shaped Steering Wheel with Wood Trim

Analog Instrument Gauge

153 Liters (3rd Row Up) | 550 Liters (3rd Row Folded) | 803 Liters (3rd & 2nd Row Folded)

Folding Seats (Second Row and Third Row)

Safety & Tech

Anti-Lock Braking System with Electronic Brakeforce Distribution

Rear Camera

Rear Parking Sensors

Electronic Stabilty Program

Hill Hold Control

Integrated Starter Generator

Engine Auto Stop Start Function

12-volt Lithium Ion Battery



Dual Front Airbags



MacPherson Strut


Torsion Beam



Ventilated Disc



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